How to Give Your Dog Amazing Recalls through Games
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Want to know how to train a puppy to come?  How about playing some fun games with him to do that?

Indulging your puppies in fun games that they would love playing, is an amazing way to teach a recall.  Always remember, if you want to train a puppy to come, calling them in for something, that isn’t fun is really going to give you a hard time to train your puppy for a recall.

Making exciting and fun games that would tempt your puppy to come to you really does wonders.  Here are some of the amazing recall games that you can play with your puppy to make the most of your puppy recall training.

Cookie Recall: This is really a fun game that can be done either indoors, or outdoors.  This particular game involves chasing reinforcers such as kibble or cookies thus tempting your dog to come to you without you putting in any effort. These are called rewarding calls, meaning you are rewarding your puppy with a treat when he comes to you.  Now the catch is, while you reward your dog’s return, ensure to use contact as a part of the recall. This has proven to be a real fun game that your puppy will enjoy, however always make sure that the reinforcers that you are using are more tempting to your dog than the environment he is in.

Restrained Recall: This is a game that can be played between two people.  One person holding the dog, while the other person calling the dog over and eventually stepping away after the dog is called to encourage speed on the recall.

Knowing how to train a puppy to come, needs a bit of creativity and right knowledge!  However, with the above mentioned two fun games, you are good to give your dog amazing recalls.

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